Do It For Your SELFIE!

What does “self-love” actually mean? What does it feel like? And how the heck do you love yourself?!

If you’ve heard about self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence but have no clue how to prioritize your SELF without feeling guilty, this book is for you! Allergic to sugar coating? This book is definitely for you!

Do It For Your SELFIE! is a no-judgment guide, a support system, a new bestie, and an inexpensive therapy session that will help you in ways you didn’t even know you needed. Each chapter is filled with raw stories of women’s personal challenges – detailing their journey from pain to triumph.

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Inside, you’ll learn:

What self-love really means — and why it looks and feels different for everyone
How to build stronger self-worth, self-confidence, and other important “inner selfies” (they’re way more important than the selfies you post online!)
How to go from saying “I want to make better, life-changing choices!” to actually changing your life

You can learn to love your selfie (even if it feels impossible right now) — this book will show you how!


Incredible. Inspiring. Life-changing. Denise shares the true secret to transforming your life from the inside out. Even if you’ve hit rock bottom, this book will help you get a new lease on life.

– Noelle Bloom, founder of Joy Today

Wow! From the moment I picked up this book I did not want to put it down. I took my time between chapters and was truly able to absorb the stories of the women highlighted here. By doing so my definition of self love and self image have shifted and grown more than I could have imagined! Denise’s writing style allowed me to connect with each story while reflecting on my own journey. I can confidently say that I am a stronger person than I was before reading. Now it’s your turn to be empowered, grateful, and to love your SELFIE!!

– Rachel Saylor Brown, VP of Mortgage Lending, Clearwater, FL

I got chills so many times while reading this book. The truth between the pages and words continuously brought tears to my eyes. It completely blew my mind. Denise has once again surpassed my high expectations. This book reminded me of so many versions of myself while also allowing me to see my future self in an entirely different way.

If you are looking for a book that shares knowledge, understanding and PURPOSE that can enrich a woman’s life, please don’t pass this book by. It’s beyond worth your time.

– Ambee Stephens, Founder & CEO of EmpowHERment

If you’ve ever struggled to love yourself, this book will hit you – hard! But you’re in good hands: Denise exudes warmth and encouragement, and she’ll have you feeling like self-love is totally doable in no time. Eye-opening, heartwarming, and empowering, this book isn’t one you quickly skim. It’s one you take your time with…and do it for your selfie!

– Tracie Kendziora, author, book coach, and editor

Denise gets raw and real in her book Do It For Your SELFIE!, showing us that even if we’ve been through hard things, we still deserve happiness. Denise doesn’t just tell you, she shows you by sharing stories of incredible women who overcame obstacles but eventually found their path to self-love. It will inspire you to love your SELFIE once and for all.

– Lindsey Smith, author of Eat Your Feelings

In the book “Do It For Your SELFIE ” Denise Marsh will take you on a journey to find yourself. In the pages of this book you will unlock an array of emotions. This book helps you to find yourself, with stories of challenges women face today. These stories are so relatable I felt like I was reading about my own life. The stories shared within these pages felt like they were being pulled from my own emotions, thoughts and experiences. To hear others express how I felt, gives a sense of solidarity, while empowering Me, the reader, to make a change. Denise breaks down challenges into achievable mindset solutions. She does so by asking questions and giving exercises to help guide you onto the path of finding a loving and kind relationship within yourself. Denise has a true gift to heal women, and this book proves it.

– Natasha Furlano

The Author – Denise Marsh

Denise Marsh is the author of Do It For Your SELFIE!: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Redesigning Your Life, and Getting Aligned from Within, and founder of R.A.W.: Redesign & Align from Within, LLC. As a Transformational Mindset Guide and speaker​, Denise works with women to increase their self-love and self-awareness so they can feel more confident in making their dreams and desires a priority. She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their mindset to new heights.

Denise engages individuals and groups during her transformational services, including customized retreats, workshops, her podcast, which is “Getting R.A.W. with Denise”, as well as through other platforms and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after their experience with her. Denise is passionate about people, living life full out and making a difference wherever she goes. She is especially inspired to help people take their dreams – and themselves – to levels they didn’t believe was possible.

When not speaking, hosting a retreat, or having fun on the mic recording for her podcast, Denise can be found traveling with her husband, connecting with her only daughter and grandson, snuggling with her 4 fur babies with a mug of hot tea, having a random solo dance party, or reading a good book at the beach.

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203 pages in and really learning about the love that I need to give myself. This book is going to change lives. It has already changed my life. Thank you, Denise! – Mark

Reading Do It For Your SELFIE helped me feel like I’m not alone in my challenges, and there is hope for me to feel better about myself and my life. – Ashley

I have done A LOT of reading on self improvement, philosophy, religion, and relationships. Your book is so very unique in that there are very few female voices that are as raw and real as your book. The inclusion of the helpful writing prompts are excellent. In the short 68 pages that I’ve read so far, I’ve learned a lot about myself and you. I can’t say enough good things about this book.

– A Book Fan

10 out of 10, I recommend. The exercises in this book helped me to take time to focus on certain areas of my life that I usually don’t give much attention to. Even if you feel you love yourself and have a great life, I still recommend reading this book, because you will still get so many gems out of it. – Taylor