Client Love

OMG Denise is fabulous! What an in tune guide she was. She is kind, aligned with the universe, and truly takes her time to make sure that the focus is on you. The whole retreat was one moment of clarity after another. I connected with my younger self, broke through some past guilt/shame, and left feeling aligned with my bestie – me!

– Rachel Saylor Brown

I met Denise at a retreat in Arizona 3 years ago. I didn’t know she would end up being my coach for the last 2 years. Denise has made me turn my layers of my onion into a beautiful lotus. I have been in and out of therapy and never felt worthy, loved, and have the confidence I do now.

Denise has made me dive deep into uncovering the trauma that created the feeling of unworthiness, lack of self respect, lack of confidence, and my self sabotaging. I have attended both group and personal retreats. I went to all with an open mind and open heart. The retreats were valuable to me because it allowed me to attend without distractions from the outside world. I was able to focus on myself and give myself the opportunity to grow in a safe place.

I am forever grateful to Denise and I am happy that our coaching turned into a forever friendship!

– Sandee Byrd

After taking one of Denise’s mindset retreats I feel so much lighter. I was struggling with finding my passion and Denise helped me dig deep and find the source of my blockers. She helped me develop the tools to breakthrough and find my strength again. And then we developed a plan to achieve my dreams together. Now my dream is real! Her comforting yet tough approach makes you take a look in the mirror, face your truths and find your light. I highly recommend working with her if you are struggling with your mindset especially after 2020! Thank you Denise!!!

– Lauren Clements

I had my first retreat with Denise, and the first thing that comes to mind is “life changing”. I was nervous to start but knew I needed to do this for me & my own personal growth. She immediately made me feel comfortable during our pre-retreat call. During the 3-hour Virtual Retreat, she listened closely, never judged, had open arms and helped me gain clarity around my insecurities. If you are on the fence about working with Denise, I can’t recommend her enough. She will give you permission to show up for yourself, pour total love onto yourself and provide you the tools to become the best version of you! I’m so grateful to Denise and her kindness and I am so excited to continue working with her!

– Jaimie Brewis

Working with Denise has been life changing. The first time I had spoken with Denise, I was always so angry and unhappy with myself. I have taken the tools that Denise has taught me and have been using them in my daily routines. Some things are still challenging, and that’s okay because I now have tools that I can use to make those challenges easier to manage.

Now, I have overcome so much in the past year with the anger I was feeling and my outlook on life. I am so excited to see what my future holds for myself. Because in the words of Denise, “What’s the best that could happen?”

If I ever had to score Denise for anything, it would be a 10 out of 10, I would HIGHLY recommend!

– Jerelyn P.

Have you ever felt like you were in a dark hole and you can’t see the light to get out? This time last year, I didn’t think I would ever see the light; year after year I fell deeper and deeper into that hole and I had no clue how I was going to get out. It seemed like once I got ahead 2 steps, I was knocked back 20 steps. From my past encounters, abusive relationship, friendships, family and then the pandemic, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. Everyone on the outside saw me as a strong, independent, loyal person until I completely broke. No one ever saw me in tears until the day I felt like giving up and dying; no one was used to seeing me that way and I honestly never saw myself that way either.

One day, Denise was invited to speak on our group page for the company I was part of, and I was so moved that I signed up for her week long virtual mindset event. Throughout that week, we dove into topics that I’ve always struggled with in the past and since being diagnosed with depression/mood disturbance disorder, I started to struggle with so much more. Eventually, I enrolled in the RAW group coaching program and it has been life charging thus far. I used to be a very reactive person, I started to struggle with my confidence and it was hard for me to forgive. The group coaching sessions have helped me tremendously and while I’m still working on becoming an enhanced version of NaKristin, I’ve become less reactive and actually think before I react. I’ve become okay with losing some of my good friendships because I know that sometimes we do grow apart from some of our best friends and I’m okay with that.

Although I may have said several times how much I had forgiven my grandfather, deep down inside I still felt so many feelings of hate, anger and pain; it took me 30 years to stop calling my grandfather my dad’s father and it has become easier for me to actually look at my kids father. I still have work to do but the work I’ve already done feels amazing and every day I tell myself to release the negative energy and continue to embrace the positive energy. I’ve never really been the type of person to argue, however I would always try to get things off my chest and address situations with that person but now I write about it to get the closure that I am needing.

Changing my mindset is one of the best ways I could invest in myself to help gain clarity and repair the areas of my life where I felt I was struggling. It feels good to know that I am healing but it feels even better when those who have been there to support me can also see the change. When the people that I talk to on a daily basis and even those who I do not speak with regularly tell me that they like this new, not so angry, positive NaKristin, it makes me feel so much better about this journey that I am on; and having RAWmates as open and supportive as mine make the journey easier. I can’t imagine where I would be without Denise, my RAWmates, and my support system because mental health is definitely real!

– NaKristin Greene

Denise helped me SO much. I learned more about myself with her in the span of 5 days during our retreat than in the span of my 24 years on this earth. I learned to be vulnerable, trust my gut, and follow my heart. Denise is a coach that not only makes you feel the sense of “home” but helps you to unravel and understand the parts of your life that can be uncomfortable to talk about; she makes it so you ARE comfortable and gets you to ask yourself questions that really make you think deeper and question “why” certain things are the way they are, and how you have the power to change them. I cannot thank her enough, and I cannot wait to continue coaching with her!

– Alyssa Young

This retreat experience has been more than I ever imagined! I wasn’t sure what to expect and was actually nervous when getting to the retreat! Now I am leaving with a tribe of women I know will always be there when we need each other! I learned more about myself in these 4 short days than all my 40 years! I am so thankful for Denise and her ability and willingness and patience to help work through things I’ve hidden for a long time! This retreat was exactly what I needed without even realizing I needed it! If you choose Denise, you are in a safe and understanding environment!

– Mary Sue

Attention ALL! I jumped at the opportunity when asked by Denise Marsh to give my feedback regarding attending one of her International R.A.W. Retreats in Greece. To put it best I would HONESTLY have to say it was Life Changing. I went in with the understanding that we were going to discuss the “Selfies”: Self Love, Self Awareness, Self Esteem, etc.  What I was not prepared for was the commitment that Denise had to truly helping one find themself. I also didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about my own self, and the environmental exposures throughout ones life ie. our childhood that helps to create how we view our self image.

Denise is truly AMAZING and patient beyond belief. She helps you to develop as a whole person understanding your full potential of greatness. She was available to us whenever needed through tears of sadness, fits of anger, and joyful memories. Denise was the ultimate Professional keeping true to her values and helping us through ours. Our one-on-one sessions during our Greece retreat were the BEST as I left those sessions feeling motivated, and ready to conquer the world. I can’t forget about our dance parties, and sing-a-longs pre and post R.A.W group sessions they made for a great beginning and end. If you’re wondering what its like to travel abroad on a R.A.W Retreat with Denise Marsh, it’s like Christmas morning – you don’t know what to expect, but it’s a gift. With LOVE…

 – Shenise

Working with Denise as my transformational mindset coach has been positively life changing. She’s given me the proper tools I need to navigate and work through challenging times in my life. I will utilize them for a lifetime. Denise is truly a beautiful soul with such radiant energy. She exerts this energy onto her clients and guides them with positivity and grace. Choose Denise as your mindset coach because as she says “what’s the BEST that can happen?”

– Samantha

I had an amazing experience working with Denise when I attended an international R.A.W. retreat to Peru. I have done “business” coaching before, and consider myself well-traveled. However, the traveling experience was not only impeccable but every single detail was thought out and very intentional. I also did not know the other woman very well I was traveling with and I had some anxiety over not knowing her prior to the retreat but Denise assured me that the universe is bringing us together for a reason and we now have a forever friendship and bond. I have also never worked on my internal self and the baggage I’ve carried into my adult life and personal relationships until working with Denise. There is a reason why she is called a transformational mindset coach/guide, because she will literally transform your life, I am forever grateful for the work we have done together.

During my self-discovery process figuring out where and why my root problems were blocking other areas of my life were uncovered. Every time I would bring up an issue the way she would question it back to me to change my mindset, and that was something very new to me and it worked to break through my barriers. It was such a different way of thinking that changed my perspective and how I reacted to situations. I never really journaled before and she encouraged me to write letters to people in my life and not send them. It was for my own purpose and to have heartfelt conversations with family members that really helped me heal. I still use those approaches today when I have difficult conversations and experiences that need to be addressed.

We recently connected and talked about our trip together, as well as my new business venture and we reflected that it was the beginning stages of figuring out my true why and what my passions were, and what no longer served me. It was an evolution of two years of processing my past, while still living in the present and thinking about a healthy future all using the tools Denise gave me. If you have the opportunity to work with Denise in any capacity do it, and also attending her retreats is life-changing.

– Tammy Potter

This has been an amazing journey with more to come. I’ve struggled to find the right therapist and after one call with Denise I knew she was the person to help me with the next steps of my journey. What I thought my journey was about she helped me discover the path I really needed to see for myself. She has helped pull me out of a tough place with tools that can help me for a lifetime. I’m eternally grateful for our paths crossing and for the person and light that she is for herself and others!

– Christine Smith

I started with Denise in mid 2020 during the pandemic, thinking I was seeking help with my business. It soon developed into mindset shifting and developing my self-confidence and self-worth. The first retreat I took in October 2021 I brought in feeling a lot of heaviness and chaos, but left with a lot of shifts and aha moments. Denise has showed me tools I had with me the whole time, but through her coaching I was able to discover them and now use them during challenging moments. Every retreat I attend, I enter with the intention to work on one area of life, only to to have other areas of life become the focus. She really has you dig deeper when you say you’re unsure how you’re feeling, or has you question when you were speaking negatively about yourself if that is what you believe truly or if that belief was put upon you by outliers/insecurities. Once you identify the source, you can either surrender and let It go, or choose to shift the thought into what is actually true for you.

– Sarah

Recently, I had started feeling like something was missing in my life, and I decided to invest in Denise’s group coaching experience – Do it for Your Selfie program. A few months into the program, I got into a fight with one of my friends and I just felt stuck in my life. I became complacent, doing the same thing over and over again. Not really connecting with my friends anymore and in fact I felt I was pulling away from them and I didn’t care. I didn’t notice really until work started to feel unfulfilling as well. When the retreat came along, and Denise and I did our one-on-one, I spilled to Denise about how complacent I realized I was feeling… after reading it in her book. Together we took a visit into my recent past to see if something happened that made me feel this way. Once I figured that out she guided and supported me while I took some difficult looks back into my early years to figure out why certain things bothered me so much. Denise walked me through what I could do to shift my mindset around those challenges, and how to handle them. Now I feel like life has more meaning and more color. It feels like a large weight was lifted off my shoulders.

– Mary

Well I could say a million amazing things about this woman, but I will start with a real casual “meeting her has changed my life in ways I never saw coming”.    Let me start at the beginning. I first met Denise in a group selfie course she created with about 5 other women.    It was over zoom, but she can dish her little firecracker energy right through your screen.    I left every session feeling empowered and excited to put the things I learned into action AND THEN I signed up for my first ever retreat.   Upon arrival I was an extremely damaged and lost soul with no idea what to expect. It was hard, it was healing, it was warm, it was supportive, it was laughter, it was love, and it was so unbelievably worth it.   It’s taking a chance on yourself alongside others who also want to take a chance into the unknown of what could be or how they could heal.

It is a unique and wonderful time to grow with other women in a safe space with Denise’s intuitive guidance.  Not to mention she makes sure you are pampered and get to experience amazing things separate to just the goal of the retreat.   Her attention to detail in the setup, meals, little gifts, location, and amazing private rooms is just the cherry on top.  I left that retreat with some easy peasy tools and a hunger for more of “me” with a gentle direct nudge from Denise. So since the retreat in 2022 I have been working one-on-one with Denise and my life has been set on fire in the best type of way. She is so intuitive it’s unreal! It’s what everyone needs to get in there and find you! She has a way of helping you do that.

It is hard to put into words but it is like she helped me remember that I was always a Cadillac but I had forgotten to shine myself back up and hit open road, because forward is the path we are blessed to have.   I absolutely recommend being graced with her wisdom in one way or the other.  I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support she has given me.  If you’re someone out there who feels a little (or a lot) lost in where and who you are let me tell you – Denise is the light house. So, keep sailing, or swimming, or do the doggy paddle like I was, and she will show you how to get home.

– Brittany Roskelly